Use the story to criticise or highlight a complicated contemporary issue or societal trend, whether you stay in the magic-realist realm or convert it to today’s reality.

What if a scissor not hard enough to cut a thing?
What if a racket unable to catch a ball?
What if everthing lose their function?

A NAME is just a name,
it’s MEANINGLESS without function.
After examining absurdism and the force of meaning behind an object’s utility, we choose to focus on everyday items which are commonplace in the average household. Objects of necessity. We were inspired to create a bizarre blend of shoes and spaghetti - two very different things, or do they have to be?
To generate final creative products that reflect a different part of the chosen theme independently yet in collaboration. To be presented in two parts, such as volume I and II, or two sides of the same coin.

Because we utilized absurdity as a method to combat consumerism in Part A, I took this concept and interpreted it one step further. Part B consists of a series of surrealist posters and a short video that explore the absurd materialism we unwittingly consume on a regular basis. From strolling along the street and encountering posters to casually scrolling through your phone and watching television, we are bombarded with irrelevant information that isn’t necessarily advantageous to our brain development.