Exploring post-humanism and the hybridization of technology and biology. I interpreted this interaction to create a space that merges technology and flora. Nature is already at risk under deforestation and urbanization developments. Our technological advancements push natural environments further and further away. Meanwhile, our world is beginning to embrace virtual reality. Nature will always remain a symbol of oasis and peace, a space to get away and a wellness people long for. In this project, I explore artificially bringing an oasis closer to us using technology so that we may simultaneously be in touch with both.

Hybridisations revolves around the concept of utilizing design to disturb the norm and subvert new meaning - visually and intellectually - in order to reinvent modern culture and establish new trends.

Re-create things, graphics, and settings in new ways by thinking about hybridity as culture.
In reflecting on the idea of post-humanism, I explored myself, as a bionic entity. I had to imagine and merge two polar elements: natural biological human x synthetic technology based creations.
As I contemplated the subject matter, it took me a while to grasp what hybridity meant in the first place. So many thoughts ran through my mind:

What was the current trend?
We live in a period when we are simply witnessing the world change around us and do not question the changes; we simply accept them.

Who are the individuals who will shape and alter the future?
“You are the future” was all I ever heard as a kid...
(Installation, 2022) (Frank Gehry’s Biomuseo reveals….,2022) (Inside the Hermès Store Opening Party in Vancouver, 2022) (hipsthetic, 2022) (Morby, 2022)